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The aim of this site is to explain some of the different areas of tax and accountancy in normal every day language.  

 However, please be warned, it is not designed to replace specific advice from your qualified accountant. 

In England the tax system has a habit of changing many of its tax laws almost every year!  So please use this site to ‘flesh out’ your understanding of some of the more common areas I feel you need to know about.

  1. When I make a transfer in Sage it puts it in twice so when I reconcile I have to put it in again to clear everything can you help.

    Comment by Lydia Gough — August 26, 2010 @ 10:26 am
  2. Hi Lydia,

    That sounds very odd?! I assume you are making a bank transfer via the transfer button within the Bank module? Are your definitely entering the correct Sage nominal codes for each bank account….ie say you are making a transfer from the main bank account to the deposit account, you would need the first account code to show 1200 and then the deposit would need to be say 1240 (or whatever the deposit account nominal code is)

    If you had accidently entered a journal ‘to’ and ‘from’ the same account then this may give you the problem.

    If my above suggestion doesn’t answer it, then please reply with a little more detail and I will try helps.

    Kind regards


    Comment by admin — September 4, 2010 @ 1:58 pm
  3. Hi,

    I am just starting to use Sage 50 Payroll. Can you help at all with this. I cannot work out how to add employee, run payroll and print wage slip.


    Comment by Nic — October 28, 2010 @ 11:08 am
  4. Hi Nic

    Many thanks for your question….sadly I have never used Sage payroll!! So I can’t help you.

    Kind regards


    Comment by admin — October 29, 2010 @ 10:47 pm

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